Vets Supporting Vets

Vets Supporting Vets Merchant Solutions Program was specifically created and designed to help Veteran owned businesses continue with success. We analyze and create a unique plan to help your business thrive. As a provider of technology, education, support and security, we equip our merchants with opportunities to generate ongoing revenue streams and lower operating costs.


  • PCI Compliance and Security- Validation and compliance at applicable classification levels is a requirement. We help make PCI Compliance easy and identify vulnerabilities which may impact your business.
  • Equipment and Technology- Advanced Technology equipment that is simple to use, secure, low cost and efficient. Interchange savings with Level II and III data with multiple reporting options and fraud tools.
  • EMV- Accept EMV microchip cards and tokenization technology (Apple Pay).
  • 24/7 5 Star Customer Service Support- Our merchants can count on 24/7 service and our unique program for Veterans provides a personal account manager.
  • Supporting those who served for our freedom with no additional costs.
  • Satisfaction of Veterans helping Veterans succeed.
  • Increased exposure into the marketplace.

We are proud of our Vets Supporting Vets program and we thank you for your service.

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